Blog/Quiz: Discover Yourself in Jewelry

Every girl has her own style.   How do you determine what kind of jewelry best suits your personality?   Take this short quiz to learn how to use gems to express your style.

  1. What kind of car do you drive?
    A. Truck
    B.  Sporty Compact
    C.  Sedan
    D.  Mini-Van
  2. Which of these movies do you love the most?
    A.  Pretty Woman
    B.  Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    C.  Breakfast Club
    D.  The Notebook
  3. Your ideal Friday night:
    A.  Dancing
    B.  Shopping
    C.  Staying home and Redbox’ing it
    D.  Crafting
  4. Your Favorite Vacation:
    A.  Zip lining in the Jungle
    B.  An all-inclusive hotel at a tropical location
    C.  Camping with family
    D.  Disneyland
  5. Do you have a shoe fetish?
    A.  A girls gotta have options!
    B.  Duh
    C.  I like flats…
    D.  I like shoes with personality.
  6. If you won the lottery, where would most of your time be spent?
    A.  Traveling
    B.  Redecorating my new palatial house
    C.  Plan for my families future
    D.  Start my own non-profit
  7. What type of dog are you most likely to own?
    A.  A boxer, rottweiller or pitbull
    B.  Pomeranian, King Charles Cavalier
    C.  Mix Breed dog that’s good with kids
    D.  Rescue

That’s it! Time for scoring.  Give yourself the following points for your answers:
All A’s are worth 4 points
All B’s are worth 3 points
All C’s are worth 2 points
All D’s are worth 1 point


Score Breakdown

23 – 28 Points:  You are Bold.  You like “chunky jewelry.   You are bold, sassy, not afraid to take risks.  You like to be noticed and acknowledged.  You are powerful and a force not to be messed with. You might like our Dangle Teardrop Earrings,

17 – 22 Points:  You are Sparkling.   You are more attracted to “Bling jewelry”, the shinier the better.  You are a Girly girl who loves shiny objects.  You like being taken care of, and have always imagined being a princess.  The only think brighter than your jewelry is your sparkling personality.  You might like our Cabochon Flower Earrings.

12 – 16 Points:  You are Understated Elegance.  You are a girl that doesn’t like ‘over-do’ jewelry.  Just small functional pieces get the job done, no need for big, heavy jewels.  You like to highlight beauty but not be outdone.  You prefer functionality over flash.  You don’t need to be the center of attention to command it.  You might like our Swarovski Element Stud Earrings.

7- 11 Points:  You are Symbolic.  You tend to like items with symbols of things close to your heart.  You find meaning in visual cues and learn new things much the same way.  You honor family and friends above all else.  You wear your heart on your sleeve and when looking for friends, you want to find others with same interests and hobbies.   You might like our Triple Heart Broach Pin.